Our world will never be the same and you need a new way to stay motivated, fit and healthy.

Right now is the time for you to have a much-needed retreat that will bring fresh energy, new perspectives, and a healthier mindset for being the best possible you. 

Whether you are someone who needs a completely new way to get fit or you're already in a routine and would like to add an at-home component to your gym workout, OFR has just what you need.


Online Fitness Retreat Pricing

All sessions are pre-recorded and will be made available to you immediately after registration. This retreat, including all of its sessions, will not expire which means you can set your own goals and schedules! 


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This is not a contract, multi-level marketing scheme or a monthly commitment, just a one-time registration fee for an incredible online retreat!

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What's Included

Practical Teaching

Each of our trainers were hand selected to bring you approaches to fitness, nutrition, and mindset that will be sustainable for your life. They'll teach you the tools and resources you need to get back on track without feeling like you failed. Afterall, health and fitness is truly a lifelong journey. Grab your notebook and get ready!

Practical Application

We've gathered a collection of top notch trainers to provide you with challenging, fun and versatile workout programs you can do wherever you are with whatever you have. So get up and get ready to move!


Retreats are designed to be experienced with one another and we want to provide that for you online. Each session has a chat section to ask questions, share experiences and cheer each other on. Community is the "secret sauce" to a healthy lifestyle.

Lifelong Access

This is not a race. All sessions will be available on demand so you can set your own schedule and pace. These tools provided by our trainers, are meant to guide you as often as you need them, for as long as you need them.

Meet Your Trainers

Jordan Syatt


Susan Niebergall


Malcolm Marable


Alyssa Olenick


Jose Nunez


Kate & Andrew Bustos


Michelle Pasos


Devon Kell


Kahla Harrington


Joshua LaGrone


Heather Thomas


Marina Stirdivant


Angelica Gallegos


Michaela Hardin


Alex Ness


Juan Martinez


Joe Belmonte


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What Will Be Discussed in the Online Fitness Retreat

Workout routines, understand your body & build your foundation

Keys to fat loss, why calories matter & patience is key

Realistic goal setting, mind to body connection & age is a myth

Are you ready to get stronger mentally and physically?


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No worries, we have answers! 

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If you have any questions, submit them here and someone from our team will be in touch soon.

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If you have any questions, submit them here and someone from our team will be in touch soon.