Heather Thomas

Heather Thomas, DPT, OCS, 200-RYT is a mama of two, a former collegiate athlete, lifelong learner, gratitude geek, and movement enthusiast. She is the owner of Physiofly Physical Therapy and Wellness. To her, meeting people where they are and inspiring action through partnership, education, a tailored holistic approach, and practical treatment plans brings joy and purpose. In serving as a guide to clients, Heather’s goal is to improve inefficiencies in the kinetic system through manual and neuromuscular approaches in order for them to live the life they desire - fit for their purpose. As an orthopedic and pelvic floor therapist, she emphasizes women's wellness and specializes in working with pregnant and postpartum women. While it is widely accepted that pain and discomfort are a given during pregnancy and that women are destined to suffer postpartum, she believes this is not the case. Education and self-care techniques can limit the prominence of many “common” conditions. Her goal is to spread knowledge and strategies for women to each nourish and attune to their body, mind and needs so that they can thrive through this season of creating and raising babies.

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