Jose Nunez

Jose Nunez is the founder of Athletics For All and a personal coach. Committed to providing the tools to transform and elevate all areas of your life, Athletics For All is a community platform rooted in fitness, fun, and fellowship. 

Founded on the belief that together, we can pursue our purpose to inspire those around us to feel, move, and become our best selves. Through this fitness journey, Jose has picked a variety of effective and enjoyable movements that will improve your body awareness, and help build a strong foundation. 

This not only elevates your physical and mental health but also teach you more about who you are and what keeps you driven. In the Athletics For All Community, we believe we are healthier and happier together, and each day is a new opportunity for us to serve, learn, and uplift others!

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"AFA has not only become just a group of people I work out with, but through sweat, tears... pushing and striving to be our best... in that process, we've become more like familia."

Marie Carlo, AFA Member

"Being a part of AFA has made me a stronger person physically and mentally. I enjoy working out with this amazing group because we all push each other to achieve our greatest potential both inside and out of the gym... AFA individuals see the invisible and do the impossible when it comes to their goals both in fitness and life itself." 

Alfredo Orozco, AFA Member

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