Susan Niebergall

Susan is the owner of Susan Niebergall Fitness and Co-Coach in the Syatt Fitness Inner Circle.

An online strength coach with a passion for helping people change their lives by getting as strong as possible, and finally losing the stubborn fat they never thought they could lose. 

She just turned 60 years old and have made every mistake in the book over the years. Susan was the consummate Yo-Yo dieter (restrict/gain over and over), constantly overate healthy foods, and even blamed menopause for all of her weight gain as she got older. She finally turned it all around in her mid-’50s with some reality checks, surrounding herself with people who could help, and some good old fashioned hard work.

Susan wants to spread the message that it's never too late to move better, feel better, lose fat, or build muscle. Change is possible at any age.

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